Faculty in the Center for Evolutionary Genetics

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John Avise
Molecular evolution, conservation genetics
Adriana Briscoe
Evolution of sensory systems
Diane Campbell
Plant-pollinator interactions; evolution of plant reproductive systems
JJ Emerson

population genetics, population genomics, molecular evolution, bioinformatics
Steven Frank
Evolutionary genetics, host-parasite interactions
Brandon Gaut
Plant genetics; population genetics; molecular evolution
Grace Yuh Chwen Lee
Genome evolution, Population genetics, Genomics, Epigenetics
Anthony Long
Quantitative and population genetics
Adam Martiny
Environmental genomics; microbiology
Laurence Mueller
Theoretical and empirical studies of density-dependent natural selection
Jose Ranz
Structural evolutionary genomics and evolution of the expression network
Michael Rose
Evolution of life histories and genetic systems
Ann Sakai
Plant population biology; evolution of plant reproductive systems
Kevin Thornton 
Population genetics, evolution of gene duplications, molecular evolution
Alejandra Rodriguez Verdugo
Microbial evolution, evolutionary community ecology, individuality in bacteria